Scenic Buena Vista

Bighorn Sheep Ewes! - Near Buena Vista, Colorado
(April 7, 2008)

Bighorn Sheep Ewes Spotted On Cottonwood Pass Road
Bighorn Sheep Ewes Bighorn Sheep Ewes v
Late in the afternoon, I drove up Cottonwood Pass Road for a leisurely drive and spotted a cluster of bighorn sheep ewes intently eating on the roadside. With camera in hand, I couldn't resist taking pictures.
Mountain Goat #74
Bighorn Sheep Ewe Bighorn Sheep Ewe Bighorn Sheep Ewe
Bighorn sheep ewe #74 did a great job acting natural as I snap numerous photos!
Two Sharp Photos
Bighorn Sheep Ewes Bighorn Sheep Ewe
The right photo might be the best of this bunch. The quality is sharp and that bighorn sheep ewes stood strong and proud!

Webmaster Steve Poses With The Bighorn Sheep Ewes Bighorn Sheep Ewes
I sat in my vehicle for about ten minutes, just relaxing, listening to music and sending a text message to friends about the bighorn sheep ewes.

Then I felt inspired to walk out on the road and get a picture with myself and the bighorn heep ewes! Oops! I cut myself off ...

Bighorn Sheep Ewes
There. Much better!

Extra Colorado Rocky Mountain Scenery
Cottonwood Pass Road Chaffee County Road 344
Two more scenery photos.

LEFT: The spot on Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road") where bighorn sheep ewes can be commonly seen.
RIGHT: I made a U-turn at the junction of Chaffee County Road 344, which leads to the Cottonwood Lake and the Spring Canyon Retreat Center. That large mountain is part of the southern side of Mt. Princeton's range.

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